There is some concern about whether raw cat food is safe. Some believe that raw meat may contain salmonella, toxoplasmosis or another equally troublesome bacteria or parasite. The only way to ensure that your cat will not get these potentially fatal diseases can be to prepare the food.

From the first look, this argument appears to have some merit. But look a bit deeper.

Wild cats eat nothing else but raw meat and bones. Domestic cats, like all other cats, have developed on the diet of raw meat. The digestive system of their cat is the only one that knows how to cope with this.

Bears, as well as cats are the only genuine carnivores. Their teeth show this very clearly. They are spiky for catching prey and powerful to crunch up bones. Their digestive track is short since raw meat is simple to digest and fast.

Humanity is usually under the illusion that they have improved on the natural world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Holistic vets, in their own body, can tell to you, that when feeding your cat raw food, chronic degenerative illness melts away. The diseases include feline leukemia heart problems, sterility and tumors.

According to Richard Kearns DVM puts it “I believe that all instances of spinal myelopathy result from insufficient nutrition, which can lead back to the mother’s diet in pregnancy”.

Richard Pitcairn DVM brings things to a different perspective. “Foods are so complex, we’re not sure how to understand them. For example, researchers discovered that cats require taurine. It’s an amino acid only found in animal tissues, which is destroyed by cooking. Today, it is added to cat foods and supplements. Rather than wait for more similar discoveries, it’s best to feed animals the diet that most closely corresponds to their evolutionary past”.

When you consider that cats have been evolving throughout the ages, what can it be possible that they improve their diet in the shortest years since commercial cat food was available?

Let’s examine the salmonella. This is the most common cause of food poisoning that occurs when you eat infected food items. Wild cats, however, are only eating prey they’ve just killed. So the meat is super fresh and warm. Food that is fresh and delicious does not carry infections. Infected food come from poor storage.

This is the reason you will find cats are very picky eaters. It’s because they know bad food as soon as they see it. But because they still need to feed, domestic cats are left with no choice but to eat the cat food that they are given, if they are to survive.

The general guide here is to keep the raw meat of your cat fresh. Don’t keep it in the refrigerator for longer than two and four days, depending on the temperature of your refrigerator, how many times it’s opened, the temperature of the ambient, etc. The rest of the food can be frozen and thawed every meal when it is needed.

Toxoplasmosis is rarely a serious illness in healthy individuals. It can be a major reason for serious illness in people with a weak immune system or on medications that weaken the efficiency of the immune system. In case you beloved this post as well as you want to acquire guidance concerning Cat food Raw Supplement i implore you to visit our website. This is true for both cats and humans.

Wild cats can only live with a robust immune system. So their diet of bones and raw meat appears to work well for them.

Nino Aloro DVM confirms this to be the case. “Diet is at the base of about 90% of the cases of cystitis I observe. When my clients observe the correct diet following initial treatment, they experience very rarely relapses. If they place the pet back on commercial pet food, then the cystitis comes back.”

Only buy the freshest meat available and be as careful about handling and storage of your cat’s raw food as you are with your own. If your cat isn’t enjoying the food, it could be a problem. It could be due to meat beginning to decompose , or perhaps a chlorine wash of the carcass, a method some butchers use to extend the life of the meat.

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