Many dryer failures result from improper ventilation. If the hot, moist air is unable to escape from the dryer, your clothes will still be damp or even wet at the end of the cycle. A clogged dryer vent can also lead to increased noise as the dryer runs. Beyond the effects on your clothes and your eardrums, poor dryer ventilation can actually damage the machine itself, causing the Heating And Cooling In Charlotte Nc mechanism to fail prematurely. A dryer vent that is blocked or clogged with lint is also a fire hazard.

They should also disconnect and clean the dryer duct and venting every two years. If the clothes dryer is used more frequently or there are longer vent pipes then it should be cleaned annually. The CUA suggests hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning company to perform this service if you are unable to.

Step 4 – Remove the retaining nuts in order to gain access to the blower fan control panel. Remove the panel and allow the control to hang. Unscrew the retaining bolts in order to remove the blower fan and clean the fins using a soft brush.

hvac cleaning When they come to your house, they should be on time and not missing any equipment. They have to be polite and entertain questions. Organization and work ethic should be visible upon their arrival.

Now there is a simple solution. Having a skilled chimney sweeper clean and inspect your chimney every year will cut this problem from ever happening to you. In fact your insurance may even cost less per year if you have this service done. Check with your insurance agency to see if this could save you some money.

Another area that can create problems for dryer obstruction is the flexible hose that runs between the dryer and the wall. The wet lint can cling to the lining of the hose, and collect in the bends of the hose on its path to the wall.

chimney cleaning is conducted by basically taking the chimney rods with the proper sized brush head on it and moving it up and down your chimney flue scraping the build up and soot off the inner part of your chimney. This is a simple method and has been used for a long time.

A shop vacuum with a Hepa filter in it. You know you have the right one when it cost you $15 or so for the filter. The cheap one will not do, So buy the one that works the Hepa filter!

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